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The most complete shoes on the market

Our favourite pair of shoes always had that one caveat. Painful to wear for long periods, broken too quickly or just too darn expensive. Which is where Empress comes in.

Every Empress shoe is...

A little about us


We're brothers who wanted to gift our mother the perfect pair of shoes. But we found that almost all the shoes available had a drawback. Which is why we started Empress. 

Our goal is to offer comfortable and functional shoes in Wide, Narrow, large sizes and small sizes for all shoe staples. All in beautiful designs that you would be proud to wear.

Thank you so much for your support!

Where are we located

Founded and run in Sydney, Australia. We are online only and don't have a physical store. But even though we can't meet you, we still aim to provide you an even better experience then if you were to go to a physical store. So please feel free to contact us at anytime.