Flats that are good for you

Ballet flats are a wardrobe essential, but they're definitely not good for you with their uncomfortably narrow fit and lack of cushioning. We constantly had sore spots or aching arches.

Most flats are only focused on the look and completely ignore the fit and comfort.

So working with expert designers we examined everything wrong with the traditional flat and re-imagined it from the ground up. 1,840 hours and 12 revisions later, the result: The softest, best-fitting all-day flats in a timeless design.

Why you'll love it!

The secret lies in the insole. Traditional flats typically feel like your walking on the hard ground with no support whatsoever. 

Our LORA Sole is your hidden sidekick that keeps you feeling & looking your best all day, every day. It's squishy, has arch support and evens out pressure. Seriously; you'll feel fresh after hours of walking.

Wide Toe-Box

Let your toes spread out the way nature intended them to. By slightly altering the shape we kept the sleek, elegant look but it's so much better for your toes. Plus it's lined with wool, so no rubbing here.

Moves with you

Made from Mould-to-your-feet leather, Empress Flats are designed to fit like a glove which means there's no need for band-aids. The soft material will literally 'cup' your heel so it doesn't slip off no matter how much you dance, run, or jump.

Why US$125

Luxury Shoes without the Luxury Price. We believe the luxury shoe industry thrives on bad practice, so we sell direct to you. 

Purchased at traditional retail companies, our materials and craftsmanship would cost US$250+. But our DTC Business model allow us to cut out the expensive costs (storefront, middleman, retail) and pass the savings onto you. Delivering a most comfortable experience for only US$125

The Empress Flat -
$125 USD

$110 USD Sale
Colour: Black
Width: Medium
Size: US 5 / EU 36
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Wide width US 9 = 103 mm / 4.06″ inches

We Ship Worldwide!

USA - $9.95 (7-10 Days) 

Canada - $12.95 (8-12 Days)

UK - $9.95 (10-14 Days)

About Empress

Empress was born after our co-founders couldn't find the perfect shoe for their mum.
Most designer shoes were uncomfortable and bad for her feet.
At the same time, most "comfort" shoes were bad-looking.

Empress combines the best of both worlds
Our mission is to create cute shoes that are good for you, and make it the norm.


We know buying shoes online is a difficult task. That's why we've made it as Risk-free and convenient for you as possible. Our 365 Day Money Back Policy means you get your money back no matter what reason.