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Made for Winter

This boot will keep you warm and comfortable all winter.

So we re-imagined one from the ground up. Working with renowned Podiatrists and exactly 370 hours later, the result: A gorgeous, affordable bootthat is as comfortable as your favourite sneaker.


Toasty Feet

The inside of our flat is lined with plush to keep your feet very warm while our waterproof leather means that your feet will always stay dry.


Anti slip

Our patent pending SORA Sole™ is designed to stop you from slipping allowing you to wear even in wet conditions.


Comfortable Steps

Made from Mold-To-Your-Feet Leather, Empress Cozy Flats are designed to fit like a glove. The soft material will literally 'cup' your heel so it doesn't slip off.


Cozy Boot

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For most comfortable fit, we recommend using size chart.


 Sizing Tips

  • Medium US 9 = 84mm / 3.3 inches
  • Wide US 9 = 87mm / 3.43 inches



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